The Best Way to Deal With Rejection, According to Science

Rejection hurts and everyone faces rejection. Especially entrepreneurs. How you deal with rejection is one key factor that determines your resiliency….

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How you deal with rejection may be taken as an indicator or your resilience. Being resilient can often be seen as important for success in life.

The article argues that instead of ignoring rejection or adopting approaches such as ‘developing a thick sin’, you should explore the emotion the rejection creates in you. Not only should you explore them, you should analyse them. In this way, you can recognise your feelings and not let them take over you at a later time or subsequent event. The key seems to be recognising the different type of emotion and labelling them correctly.

This approach would possibly appeal to anyone who has a more emotional approach to life and their work, perhaps more than a simple pragmatic approach. It has merit in prompting us to recognise the effect rejection may have upon us.

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