What Makes People Happy When They Work?

The alarm clock goes off first thing in the morning. You reluctantly get out of bed and start preparing for another long day of work. Your boss, to give them credit, notices that you haven’t been yourself lately. They think about how they can reignite that spark and excitement you once you had….

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15 Maxims for Being a Reliable Man

As we head into our last week of this “Heading Out on Your Own” series, I’d like to pause from our “harder,” more practical skills to talk about a character trait, that, like self-reliance, is both an important building block in your life’s foundation, and, unfortunately, too often in…

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The Truth About Frogs

Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worse things that is going to happen to you all day long….

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Want to Be Much Happier? Science Says Always Do Any 1 of These 8 Things

We all want to be happier and feel a greater sense of fulfillment. That’s why I often write about what happy people do more often, about some of the habits of remarkably happy people, about things to stop doing so you can be happier at work, about simple daily habits of exceptionally happy people……

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How I became a morning person (and why I decided to make the change)

It’s early and dark. The alarm sounds, and you reach over to switch it off. After a short pause, you sit up. You swing your legs off the bed, touch the floor with your feet, and reach for your phone. You sit quietly while your phone’s screen illuminates the dark bedroom….

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A Brutal Truth About Success That Few People Are Willing to Admit

Imagine the looks on people’s faces when someone says, “You don’t need to buy a lighter bike. You’d be a lot better off if you lost 10 or 20 pounds.” Many people feel that buying something new — new technology, new devices, new systems, new “stuff” — is the key to success….

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The Single Greatest Personal Growth Tool At Your Disposal…

Put away your self help books. This one daily practice puts you on the fast track to making smarter decisions. You’ll also gain a better understanding of what makes us tick. That understanding will improve your persuasion and empathy skills. I must warn you. It’s not a bright shiny object….

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