7 Life Truths I Wish I Knew Sooner

We often talk about stepping into our true power, about building our confidence muscle and boosting our self-esteem. But although self-confidence and self-esteem seem similar—referring to how we feel about ourselves—they are two very different concepts…. Read full article at the publisher’s site: http://bit.ly/2tufNhA

7 Ways to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Dreams without action is a world of make believe. Consider the following. John Kotter has said there are two kinds of people in the world: those who accept their life, and those who lead their life. Some people just get up, look at their life and hope something good will happen…. Read full article at…

Think Like No One Else

It is attributed to well-known financial writer, speaker, and radio host Dave Ramsey. The gist of the quote is that in order to have the kind of bountiful and secure lifestyle that very few have, you have to be willing to take steps that few others take, in order to make sure it comes to…

The most effective 7-step morning routine I’ve ever had — even while traveling.

It wasn’t even a question…it was a statement. I bounced over to Instagram and scrolled through endless updates of people I barely knew — most, not at all. They looked like they were having so much fun…a lot more fun than I was having. I scrolled through my own Instagram photos…. Read full article at the publisher’s…

How to be Happy: The Scientific Formula

We get taught a lot in school — Philosophy, Psychology, Physics — but how come we never get taught how to be happy? That’s when I stumbled upon a Harvard course posted on YouTube called Positive Psychology, otherwise known as “The Science of Happiness…. Read full article at the publisher’s site: http://bit.ly/2s5j4Cf

Reward Center

Please enter your contact details and a valid shipping address on the next page to receive your iPhone 7. Only (3) left in stock, so hurry!… Read full article at the publisher’s site: http://bit.ly/2tkvVhG Safari&td=track.happinessandloves.com&voluumdata=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&zone=1500951-3879275053-0&campaign=83664897&clickid=14974217721453090525185024250051811&klawz=[klawz]#